Simi Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

Simi Valley DWI lawyer Peter Swarth has over 20 years of expertise in DUI related charges. A charge with a DWI or DUI can put you behind bars, on probation and even get your license taken away. In order to have the best chance at fighting accusations on DWI charges, you must immediately contact your attorney. It’s important to know your rights and where you will stand specifically during your case. You Simi Valley DWI attorney takes pride in creating a case for you that will put you at a great advantage point. Taking your case into his own hands and helping you regain the life you once had is an important goal for each client he has. Turning our back on complicated cases is never an option and you will have the best chance at a fair trial.

There is always hardships that come with charges like this so its a priority that we help ease you into the steps of creating a great defense. The process will be steady and you will have full acknowledgment of the defense options available to you. Simi Valley DWI lawyer Peter Swarth is waiting to help free you of this burden by getting your charges dropped or reduced as much as possible.

Domestic violence is a charge that is devastating and takes away so much from your life. Simi Valley domestic violence lawyer Peter Swarth is where you can begin the process in gaining the life you once had. Don’t allow intimidation or fear keep you from regaining safety and happiness. People charged with domestic violence will have the hardest time going about life because they can face consequences of jail, prison, probation fees and many other punishments. Your Simi Valley domestic abuse attorney takes a stand against domestic abuse with priding his clients in great advantaged for defense options.

A lot of times law firms will shy away from such complicated cases but that is never an option here. You will be cared for and eased into your process of how your specific hearing will go. Your hearing will be fair and strong without a chance for anyone to subdue you. There is always options to benefit you in charges related to domestic violence and its important you contact your attorney as soon as you can. You have rights and a great stand point with your Simi Valley domestic violence lawyer, Peter Swarth.