Northridge Criminal Defense Attorney

Although every case is unique, Northridge DUI attorney Peter Swarth has over 25 years of experience dealing with cases very similar to yours. DUI & DWI crimes can be punishable as a felony and have every chance in complicating your life and making it hard on your future. A crime as debilitating as this is not easy to handle and its urgent you seek the legal advice of a powerful attorney in Northridge like Peter Swarth. It takes an expert attorney to protect your rights as well as lend you and your loved ones the chance to regain peace of mind. You will always know what your rights are and where you stand specifically in your individual case with Peter Swarth. Peter has represented hundreds of clients near the 91324, 91325, 913265, 91327, 91328, 91329, 91330, and 91343 areas – don’t hestitate to call us right now!

Drug or narcotic charges can have a wide range of severe consequences that could be placed into your life. It will take an aggressive attorney to help aid you out of this life. Reseda narcotic attorney Peter Swarth has the knowledge strive that it will take in order for a strong scrutinized case that will always be to your best advantage. You have rights that will be explained to you and you will have full acknowledgement of where your hearing will stand in order for you to have a fair trial at your hands.

Northridge DUI Lawyer

Criminal charges can stick to your record and create difficult complications when trying to advance in life. Northridge attorney Peter Swarth cares about his clients and that the families of the accused get back on their feet while leaving these charges behind them. He will aid you in a comforting manner to help you best understand your rights and where your individual case will standing during your trial. We understand that police don’t only work from 8-5, so we’re here for you 24/7 – don’t hesitate to call us right now!