Calabasas DUI & DWI Lawyer

Calabasas DWI attorney Peter Swarth is prepared to battle against the court for you to have your rights upheld through the whole process. Peter Swarth’s top DUI expertise can help aid in several steps to make sure this does not happen again. You are the main priority of your attorney and its important you have the best DUI defense you can during this very troubling time. Peter Swarth has handled a variety of cases in the 91302 and 91372 area codes ranging from DUI, DWI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Fraud, and even murder.

A DUI or DWI offense is the act of driving with an excessive BAC of .08% or higher, or driving while under the intoxication of narcotics or other drugs. You have little to no chance of defending yourself from a DUI charge without one of the best DUI attorneys in Calabasas. DWI lawyer Peter Swarth will walk you through your specific case, your rights and where you stand with your trial. You will be given the chance to a fair trial so don’t allow the courts to subdue you. There are extensive defense options used when handling these cases. Its best taken care of with the skill and experience of a great DWI Attorney like Peter Swarth.

DUI Attorney in Calabasas

The consequences of a DUI conviction in California are very serious. The penalties can include jail time, expensive fines, community service, loads of classes, and even the suspension of your driver’s license – and this is even for first-time DUI convictions. You may also face increased insurance rates, a criminal record, court fees, and more – all of this can lead to problems with holding a job and continuing to earn a living. We strongly advise that you call Peter Swarth about your DUI or DWI today.

Peter Swarth will rigorously fight for your rights. There are many defense options that we can identify through a review of your case and during your free consultation. The initiation of your DUI defense is our top priority, it is important that you contact us prior to any court hearing.