Agoura Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Agoura Hills lawyer Peter Swarth has honed criminal barrier laws in excess of 20 years. He has represented a variety of cases in the 91301 and 91376 areas including but not limited to DUI, Fraud, Embezzlement, Domestic Violence, Civil Rights, Personal Injury, and even murder cases. In acknowledgment of his experience and aptitudes he has been confirmed a master in criminal law by the State Bar of California. He has successfully attempted in excess of 400 criminal and adolescent court cases, from misdeeds to lawful offenses, including DUI, robbery, opiates and murder. Starting with recent laws, your first offense with a DUI is culpable with up to 6 months in prison with a fine to chase after of $1500, contingent upon the case specifics. Drunk driving falls into much harsher discipline of the base punishment surpassing a first offense DUI.

At the point when Agoura Hills DUI attorney Peter Swarth accepts your case, you get the profit of his far reaching system of assets, agents and specialists focused at your defense. Making solid key components, genuine results and essential dialog all to construct your guard to its most extreme quality. Touching base at your most helpless time, your hearing will be made reasonable and supported. The skill and encounter that tails Peter Swarth is the one thing that will get you on track and leaving these barbarous charges behind you. You have every right to have somebody committed to your case and in keeping you mindful of your trial standings.

Agoura Hills DUI & DWI attorney Peter Swarth can allude the truths of your case, to start you moving towards the easiest possible determination for your case. Making robust key parts, truthful and with fundamental dialog all to build your obstruction to its most noteworthy quality. Knowing your rights and wherever you stand in your case are a highlighted reason to rely on Peter Swarth, the fulfilling Augora Hills drunk driving lawyer.

Agoura Hills DUI Lawyer

Agoura Hills DUI & DWI attorney Peter Swarth is the best attorney for your most trialing of times. He will guide you through every part of your criminal proceedings and his defenses are the result of 20 years of experience rigorously defending clients accused of violating criminal law.

Regardless of whether your charge is your first DUI or if you have multiple DUI or DWI offenses on your record, Peter Swarth is well versed in protecting and defending your rights. After you are arrested it is extremely important that you contact  the best DUI attorney in Agoura Hills. Anyone stopped with a blood alcohol content level, or BAC, which is greater than .08% runs the risk of serious consequences should a conviction occur. DUI penalties can be quite severe: a DUI could cost you your driver’s license, your ability to find a home, your job, and a lot more.

Being arrested for a DUI however does not mean that you will be convicted. You need to call a top DUI attorney like Peter Swarth, and he can help fight against this possibility with detail oriented work ethic. Peter Swarth is well versed in the best techniques to defend your legal rights and will argue your case with diligence. Peter will aggressively challenge the evidence presented by the results of tests, look for any mistakes or faults committed by the police, and anything else that will encourage a case to defend you. Although many of the DUI and DWI tests can be difficult to defend against, they are not impossible.

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