Los Angeles Probation Violation Attorney

A Los Angeles probation lawyer can help you if you are accused of violating your probation. Probation Violations can have far more serious consequences that you originally had. Any person that has a misdemeanor or felony charge is placed in either formal or summary probation. Probation at around 1 to 5 years with typically different structures. Specific terms and conditions are made by the judge on each individual case and can include paying fines, community service, jail time, reporting to a probation officer or filing certain paperwork for probation completion. When these terms are violated, extreme penalties will follow, including jail time. If you cause an arrest on top of your probation, serious penalties will follow as well.

Have you had violated your probation under these or other circumstances, the highly experienced Los Angeles probation attorney is your strongest chance at reversing the harsh penalties that could follow. Aiding your case towards restoration rather than incarceration, you can have the advantage point in getting your life back on track. Handling a case like this as soon as possible is an important step when trying to reduce your punishment. Your Los Angeles probation lawyer will help ease you into the process of your case and help you best understand where your case can lead and what your standing point is during it all. You will be fully prepared by your Los Angeles probation violation attorney in order to have the fairest hearing possible.

Probation Violation Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Having an extensive expertise in cases revolving around probation violations, Attorney Peter Swart will be the aid you need in getting the most out of your trial. You will have a solid defense the earlier you contact your attorney in order to have the full benefits in your own favor. It is important you do not take a case like this lightly, you can easily turn your case into a depleting trial that will not advance your probation onto the right path. Many times than other a case involving a violated probation will have an immense amount of defense options available in order to lift your chances.

During your trial you will be fully aware of the rights you have, some of these rights will include calling witnesses to the stand, the disclosure of evidence, testify on your own behalf and present any mitigating or extenuating circumstances. Though you are not limited to just these, your Los Angeles probation violation attorney will give you the higher hand for a fair trial. It’s important that you understand all your right and where your individual case stands at in this situation.