Los Angeles Assault & Battery Attorney

Contact a Los Angeles battery lawyer to make sure the jury hears your side of the story. Assault and battery are both considered violent crimes. Assault being the conduct which causes another person with great reason to strongly believe that they are in a form of danger that involves an immediate bodily harm or unwanted contact by another person or group. Battery is when physical harm is put into action by making actual contact with another person with intentions to mistreat and cause trauma. Assault and battery are separate crimes but often times they can both be brought up in a prosecution as a misdemeanor or felony.

These crimes are dangerous and change the lives of many, so the determination is distinctly based upon the nature of the situation and how severe the assailant has brought such injury or assault to one. Many times these crimes are upon women and it creates a downward spiral to their entire life. Not everyone has to live as a victim and its very important to have a Los Angeles battery attorney that helps pick you back up emotionally by getting you through the process with all your rights intact. You have every day to begin the process of doing what is right and letting the law protect you in matters as serious as this.

Assault or battery on a criminal record can remove many important aspects from your life. That is why having a Los Angeles assault lawyer on your side is your best bet. Negative consequences of a conviction include issues with employment, housing, and the areas you may wish to live. The protection against such crimes are always brought to their highest priority and is at its most important to get the exact help you need from a Los Angeles battery attorney. You have the power to fight back with the best Los Angeles battery attorney that strives in putting your life back. Dedication and ambition to bring the righteous out in the end and that’s important.

Assult Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles assault lawyer that knows what you need the most and put it first. Creating a case that’s less stressful on you and more than accomplishing is Peter Swarth’s priority. Knowing that you or a loved one has been effected by this crime is devastating. Having the best possible Los Angeles battery attorney to help in giving you a justified hearing is one of the many reasons Attorney Peter Swarth is the exceptional choice. It’s important to start with the honesty in knowing your specific rights, the process that will be taken and the possibilities to the outcomes. Accurately defending you in the court is where you will find protection against allegations and accusation toward these crimes.